"Alandale Motor Inn and Function Centre in South Tamworth, Australia sits on 15 acres of lovely parklike landscapes. It offers different types of rooms such as Single Room, Queen Room, Disabled Room, Twin Room and Family Room, all equipped with Air-conditioning, Cable television, Internet connectivity in room, Toaster, coffee/ tea …" in 1 reviews more
"Angella.......... we just returned from Peru and had a great vacation. Our time at Sandoval Lake Lodge was wonderful and truly one of the highlights of our trip. I do need to tell you that the Don Carlos Hotel in Puerto Maldonado was the only disappointment of our trip. The …" in 1 reviews more
"Dear Angella: I have been meaning to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the trip tp Peru last November. It was the best trip I have ever taken. Everything worked perfectly, from meeting Hal and I at the airport in Lima, flying to Cusco, the hotel in Cusco(especially …" in 1 reviews more
Gospic (Croatia) - October 15, 2017 (travelindex.com) - A new attractive video for the Gospić Tourist Bord, titled "Gospić Full of Energy" was presented as part of the Autumn Festival in Lika. Dominated by the stunning landscape scenery, the video was shot at several very unique and attractive locations such as Velebit Nature park, The Museum Center of Nikola Tesla &#8211; world's famous electricity inventor, the memorial house of Ante Starčević. The production company FILM 54, base din Osijek, winner of many awards for their tourist videos, led by director Boris Šeper, has faithfully captured all the attractions of Gospić, above all underlining the emotional experience of numerous visitors. Famous Croatian cellist Ana Rucner appears int he video, whose music oft he album eXpression perfectly fits in with the video dynamics. Ana Rucner can be seen wearing a lovely dress that features design element of traditional embroidery from Lika, which was made by the Dota Association for the Conservation of Traditional Culture. In order to demonstrate the unique beauty and experience the video is made of short, content-packed, amazing scenes showing everything the town of Gospić has to offer &#8211; tradition, gastronomy, beauty of Velebit mountain, nature, horse riding, climbing. Very important place in the video is dedicated to Visočica, at 1619 meters above the sea level. We wanted to show the unique feeling leading throughout each segment of the video. It took us two months to film it, we hiked and walked almost 100 kilometres, searching for the best day and night scenes to be captured in the video and we used a modern timelapse technique. One of the very important elements is music, which frequently changes the rhythm, making the video more dynamic and interesting emphasized the film director Boris Šeper. Video Link http://bit.ly/AnaRucner-Gospic-FullOfEnergy-Video <strong>Contact information:</strong> Hana Klain PR consultant savjetnica za odnose s javnošću mobile: 091 504 3764




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