"A nice resort with nice rooms a nice atmosphere and great views." in 1 reviews more
"I can't tell whether 1 is the best or 5 is the best...I want to be clear that I'm giving Dang the best score! Four of us did a one day tour with Dang in August of 2009, and it could not have been better. We packed a tremendous amount …" in 1 reviews more
"Dang is the consummate professional. My wife and I were thoroughly pleased with the service that she provided. She set up every aspect of our trip in and around Thailand. But more than that, she provided a very personal touch to our time in Thailand. It's one thing to have …" in 1 reviews more
Beautiful quiet apartment complex by the sea, surreounded by nature, in the Lahemaa National Park


Neeme tee 2
Käsmu 45601


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