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    Popular UK band, Rudimental, Experiences the Best of Royal Cliff Hospitality

    Pattaya (Thailand) - March 6, 2017 (travelindex) - Ms. Maria Gequillana, PR and Marketing Manager of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group (middle) and Mr. Guy Sukkasem, Resident Manager of the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel (1st from left) gave a warm welcome to popular UK band, Rudimental, during their recent stay at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group.¬† The live drum-and-bass ensemble was in Thailand for the Wonderfruit Festival 2017, Thailand’s annual eco-friendly celebration of art, music and life held in the city of Pattaya, where they performed along with a lineup of talented global artists.

    Situated on a 64 acre private parkland estate overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has been honored with multiple awards and recognition from organizations of national and international repute. It is home to four award winning 5-star hotels offering a sensory experience defined profoundly by its style, culture and elegance - all presented with the distinctive spirit of the State of Exclusivity and Fascination.

    For more information, please visit www.royalcliff.com

    About the Royal Cliff Hotels Group
    The Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s legendary tradition is as captivating as the grace and charm of Thailand. The uniqueness of our Thai hospitality and product is beautifully refined with a touch of gracious modernity. Providing our guests with a relaxing and memorable experience is our timeless philosophy which perfectly enthralls with the fabled tale of Phra Apai Mani.

    Created by renowned Thai poet Sunthorn Phu, Phra Apai Mani was a mythical and charming hero who played enchanting melodies using his magical flute. The story tells of Phra Apai Mani’s dangerous encounters with the monsters of the deep and when he played his flute, the entrancing music was so mesmerizing that the monsters were enveloped into the spell of the chanting tunes. Phra Apai Mani’s charm and charisma attracted many maidens and mermaids during his perilous journey.

    Royal Cliff’s team of over 1500 staff is ready to ensure that every stay at the Royal Cliff is a relaxing, enjoyable and a memorable experience. To achieve this we have a multi lingual team and our staff are trained extensively and continuously. Most importantly the people at Royal Cliff are selected based on their motivation and passion to be working in the service industry.

    Contact information:
    Royal Cliff Hotels Group
    353 Phra Tamnuk Road
    Pattaya, Chonburi 20150
    Tel: (+66) 38 250421, (+66) 2 2947272, (+66) 2 2947301-03
    Fax: (+66) 38 250511, 250513
    Email: relax@royalcliff.com, gro-main@royalcliff.com

    Maria Gequillana
    PR & Marketing Manager
    Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH
    Tel: (+66) 38 250421
    Fax: (+66) 38 250141
    Email: maria@royalcliff.com

    Marketing Communications Department
    Tel: (+66) 38 250421
    Fax: (+66) 38 250141
    Email: marcom@royalcliff.com

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      Address : 16 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Homg Kong SAR
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