Pansy Ho as Distinguished Speaker at PATA Summit

Macau (Macau) June 20, 2013 - Ms. Pansy Ho, V ice Chairman and Secretary-General of Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTE-Forum), was one of the distinguished speakers invited to share her insights in the topic of “Private Sector Challenges and Opportunities Inherent in Advancing the Complete V isitor Economy” at this year’s Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Annual Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. PATA Annual Summit is a major regional forum of travel and tourism hosted by PATA, the influential industry body in Asia-Pacific, that pools key tourism practitioners and stakeholders around the region to explore and initiate solutions on the most pressing issues of tourism industry.

Restoration of Macau’s economy in post-SARS era: A prime example of the power of tourism and tourism-interconnected industries

A true believer in the power of tourism in growing and regenerating the global economies, and a strong supporter of the concept of “Complete Visitor Economy,” Ms. Ho described tourism as a complete economy with interconnected and interdependent components that requires cross-sector and cross-disciplinary synergies to unleash its full strengths. “The visitor economy is indeed a complete economy, because it goes beyond the travel and tourism industry. It involves a broad spectrum of sectors, all of which are interconnected with and interdependent on each other, so that any single transaction will extend beyond its direct impact, creating ripple effects throughout the entire supply chain and therefore the entire visitor economy,” she said.

Citing restoration of Macau’s economy in the post-SARS era as an example, Ms. Ho explained how the tourism industry and other interconnected and interdependent industries helped the city overcome a monumental crisis, revived the supply chain, and ultimately regenerated the city’s economy: “When complete visitor economy is effectively mobilised, it becomes an incredibly empowering mechanism, as a lever for business growth during good times, and as a vehicle for recovery during bad times.”

PATA presented a promising prospect on tourism development in its Asia Pacific V isitor Forecasts 2013-2017 with an estimated average annual growth rate of 4.1% in the next five years and reaching 581 million by 2017, by which China will continue to be the top inbound destination in the Asia Pacific, peaking at 147.4 million visitors in 2017, and at the same time generate enormous number of visitor arrivals to the rest of Asia-Pacific region that exceeds 100 million by 2015.

PATA is also a collaborating partner of GTE-Forum by hosting PATA Session: Points of V iew from Asia Pacific Leaders in the second edition of the Forum. Mr. Martin Craigs, CEO of PATA, will moderate the discussion comprising renowned tourism leaders and experts in Asia Pacific, talking about how companies move ahead under uncertainties while leading economic regeneration in the region.

The 2nd edition of GTE-Forum will be held at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre from 17-19 September, with the theme “Regenerate our Economies: Invest in Travel and Tourism.”

About the Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTE-Forum)
Hosted by the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government, co-organised by the China Chamber of Tourism under the authorisation of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) and coordinated by the Global Tourism Economy Research Centre, the Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTE-Forum) is a prominent annual event for the global tourism industry. In 2012, the Inaugural Forum attracted over 1,000 delegates from 34 countries and cities all over the world. The Forum aims at establishing a platform for domestic and overseas exchange and cooperation, fostering and promoting integrated development in tourism and service industries, creating better investment prospects and deepening tourism cooperation, thus bringing new opportunities of economic development for China and the world.

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