Exotissimo Offers Luang Prabang Experience

Bangkok, 4 July 2011 - Exotissimo has a day trip intended to complete a Luang Prabang experience. After exploring the temples of the UNESCO Heritage Town, the day trip takes guests on a Mekong Trip to the mystical Pak Ou Caves and the natural delight of Kuang Si Falls.

A trip along the Mekong serves as a rewarding experience for guests, especially about life by the river. About two hours, guests will reach the first destination, Pak Ou. Locally called Tam Ting, the caves are filled with thousands of gold-lacquered Buddha statues, ranging from a few centimeters tall to the height of a human. All have been placed here through hundreds of years.

fter the mystical experience, visitors will board the boat and head back to Luang Prabang for lunch, stopping at Ban Xang Hay, a village which specializes in making traditional rice-wine. An authentic meal awaits at the former capital.

From there, the journey continues to Laos’ most popular waterfall, Kuag Si. Along the way, stops will be made to visit some villages of the various ethnic minorities of the area. Over at the rapids, guests can choose to swim, relax or go for a trek to the top of the falls for stunning views of the immediate area.

This day trip makes up the complete Luang Prabang experience.


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