Windsurfer CRS Powers Desires Hotels

Houston, 20 December 2011 – Houston, TX-based Whiteboard Labs, a technology innovator for the travel industry is now the CRS provider for Desires Hotels located in major markets such as NYC, Miami, Milwaukee and expanding into Hawaii, South America and China. Desires Hotels chose Whiteboard Labs’ Windsurfer CRS for total electronic distribution, which includes seamless GDS connectivity, Internet Booking Engine for the hotel sites and the Desires Portal site, as well as call center through Guest Direct using the Windsurfer call center interface. “The combination of state of art functionality, ease of use and impeccable service are the key elements the hotel group is looking for in a technology provider” says Patrick Goddard, COO for Trust Hospitality. Mr. Goddard also expects the hotels to take full advantage of Windsurfer’s iPad app and iPhone app that allows them easy access to reports anytime, anywhere.

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