Think Green Go Clean

Ho Chi Minh City, 3 February 2011 - ‘Think Green Go Clean’ is Asiana Travel Mate’s theme to address livelihood, cultural identity and environmental issues in Vietnam… a banner to rally pragmatic and responsible action, within our spheres of influence.


Cyclo (Xích lô) Vietnamese term for pedal power, three wheel, passenger carriage

The Cyclo Community Outreach Program is a non-profit initiative of Asiana Travel Mate for the improvement of their livelihood prospects and to support their children’s education. Customers should be treated politely, honestly and have an enjoyable ride. Touring Hue with cyclos will also reduce smoke and noise pollution besides preserving a part of Vietnamese culture.

“Our growth in the tourism industry should involve the community. Besides, it is also environmentally friendlier to tour Hue with cyclos. We hope to improve their interactions with tourists and will support a core group that will be honest, reliable, know some basic English and not harass tourists.”

Andy Nguyen, CEO Asiana Travel Mate

Ride w ith the HUE cYCL O TEAM

Fair, published prices with planned routes

No overcharging, haggling or hassles

Helps support children’s education

Keeps the air cleaner

Preserves cultural heritage

Free route map and reliable information

Managed as a non-profit project by Asiana Travel Mate, HUE.

Responsible Travel and Sharing

Safely explore alleys, nooks & corners

Quietly & unobtrusively observe local life

Slow pace for on board photography

Cyclos know interesting places, hidden away from

the tourist circuit and the stories of ordinary people.

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