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Robbinsville, 26 November 2010 - As the saying goes, one personís trash is another personís treasure. But it can be dfficult to figure out ďhowĒ for a hotel business. With standard hotel operations being wasteful, there are numerous opportunities for hotels to not only reduce their own waste and associated hauling costs, but also help contribute to their communities whether it be local or international.

Writer Paige Greenfield from O, The Oprah Magazine, has compiled a list of organizations that can help us help others. Although the list was intended for Oprah readers, we found that some of the suggested places to send reusable stuff could very easily apply to most businesses including green hotels. In addition, these waste management solutions can be incorporated into an eco-friendly hotelís social responsibility programthat could involve both guests and the local community.

Here is a quick list of where your hotel can send itís stuff:

Cell Phones

Send your companyís old or busted phone to Cell Phone for Soldiers,who then sell the phone and purchase calling cards for troops stationed abroad so they can phone home for free.

Computer Equipment

The National Cristina Foundation will help match the computer equipment with an organization in nearby that needs it. Many are non-profits that are in need of computers, fax machine, printers, monitors and any other parts.


Find a local furniture bank that will pick up and distribute the hotelís furnishings to families in need at Most accept beds, dressers, nightstands, tables, chairs, sofas and lamps.


Donít toss them into the garbage, instead order a waste RecyclePak kit from EcoGreenHotel Store ($55; Fill the kit, which holds 15 pounds, wth any type of battery, including rechargeables found in cell phones and laptops. Drop the prepaid box at any U.S. post office or FedEx location and the company guarantees the batteries will be recycled according to EPA regulations.

Paint, Tools, and Other Building Supplies

Contact a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you. Each ReStore is different, therefore find a listing at for information on what they take.
About EcoGreenHotel EcoGreenHotel LLC is a privately held company dedicated to helping lodging facilities addressesabroad spectrum of sustainability issues. The company provides information, tools, checklists, current news and trends to the hospitality industry through its website, In 2009, the company launched an online marketplace for green products and services at In addition to the online offerings, EcoGreenHotel provides customized consulting services tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry in the areas of energy efficiency and certifications, including LEED, Green Seal and Energy Star. For those properties that have reached certified levels of sustainability, EcoGreenHotel assists with marketing services to position the properties within the growing ďgreenĒ space and enhance revenue. For further information, or call 888.229.0213.

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