Texarkana the Tour Bus Heaven

Texarkana, 1 January 2012 - Texarkana CVB has devised unique and top of the line service packages to tour buses visiting Texarkana.

Texarkana CVB will offer free parking, free rooms, restaurant vouchers, free luggage service and bus cleaning option to the bus tours visiting Texarkana AR/TX during 2012.

The Texarkana CVB provides local hotels and tour operators a much needed professional service in Texarkana. The city has added close to 10 new hotels to its portfolio making Texarkana AR/TX an attractive stop for tour buses particularly at the weekends. Texarkana CVB Director Nicholas Vasseghy stated, “We are very happy to have formed Texarkana CVB close to the end of 2011. We offer experienced and educated services to the tourism industry in the city. Texarkana has a polar market structure; hotels are often sold out during the week but can attract more tourism at weekends. Many new hotels offer competitive rates to tour operators.”

Texarkana is a historic town with rich cultural and entertainment centers. Host of quality new hotels, restaurants, a large fair ground, and variety of meeting rooms and convention centers makes Texarkana a heaven for bus tours.

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