World N Traveland Self-Service Kiosk in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria - 27 June 2012 - World ‘N Traveland, Nigeria’s leading travel agency has introduced a unique self-service travel kiosk machine, first of its kind in Nigeria that will provide one-stop travel services to discerning Nigerian travellers.

Unveiling the machine at a press conference in Lagos, Olufunlayo Faloye, CEO of World ‘N Traveland said that the specially designed World ‘N Traveland self-service travel kiosk is to bring new travel trend obtainable in developed nations to Nigerians.

According to Faloye, “The World ‘N Traveland self-service travel kiosk is a one-stop all encompassing travel shop that provides the Nigerian travelers with the ease, security and assurances of high quality service at a reduced cost.”

From July 7tt this year, the first phase of the launch will see about 50 of the World ‘N Traveland self-service travel kiosk installed in various high traffic areas such as airports, shopping malls and supermarkets around Lagos and Abuja.

With this new trend, clients can make their reservations, get latest travel tips, get informed on and latest travel packages and lots more, she added.

She mentioned that in order to reward clients, World ‘N Traveland is also rolling out its loyalty card into the Nigerian travel market. The loyalty card which comes in three categories, Blue; Silver and Gold will provide discounts and additional value-added packages to clients.

“The loyalty card is our way of giving back to our clients. As an effort towards our sincerity in valuing our clients, the loyalty scheme is designed to encourage our loyal-patronizing clients to do more because as they do so, they get more and more optimum services as rewards,” she stated.

Furthermore, as part of the company’s innovations, a specially designated programme, Travel Club has been introduced to package travel and tours for people of similar professions; categories and ideas. This unique services cut across the oldies group; men’s group; ladies and children groups.

Also, World ‘N Traveland continuously strives to reward their clients in the social media space as a quarterly time-out session in the cinemas is regularly arranged.

Faloye reiterated that World ‘N Traveland aims to be the destination expert of choice in Africa as well as committed to working with clients as partners in achieving their individual and business goals.

World 'N Traveland based in Lagos was incorporated in 2004 and has since built a reputation of high quality service and expertise in the travel and leisure industry in the Nigeria.

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