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About Travelindex

Our Vision
An online platform and data repository for the travel industry where, in an environment of trust, all transactions and exchange of information are conducted directly.

Our Mission
* To connect travelers and travel professionals directly.
* To allow free access and to share the Travelindex data.
* To provide travellers and travel professionals with reliable, accessible and trustworthy sources of travel and tourism information.
* To give businesses in the 241 countries and destinations referenced in Travelindex, the opportunity to develop a network and community of contacts with the aim of enabling them to forge new alliances and get new customers.

Our Assets
* A human-edited, permanently updated and validated database.
* The use of cutting-edge technologies: A search engine, specialised indexing techniques based on the "validated" database and a precise and structured classification with over 241 countries and destinations and 1267 business sectors.
* A network of partners throughout the world enabling Travelindex to cover all the continents and consolidate its reputation.
* A team of professionals from all corners of the travel and web business sectors combining extensive travel and hotel industry experience, innovative technology, and online marketing experience.
* A unique collection of travel websites and premium domain names.

With over 18 million visitors in 2012, Travelindex is fast becoming a leader in B2B and B2C travel relations.

Visitors and Users: contact us

Have a question about the site? Need help with your listing? Want to know how Travelindex works? Our Frequently Asked Questions include answers to most user questions. Alternatively please send us feedback and receive a response in under 24 hours. Or make a public comment or question on our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Please note: Travelindex does not sell airline tickets, hotel rooms or any other travel products - we provide a marketing and promotional platform for travel marketers to help travellers and travel professionals find and connect with the right providers directly. If you have a question about a reservation then please contact the airline, hotel or agency directly.

For comments, contributions, reports or advertising you can also contact us here

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