"Arrival…. First sight of the Lodge evokes welcome, warmth, Romance and tranquility. Staff… Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable Culinary Delights… Each morning, a delectable surprise…food fit for royalty (and we feel we are!) Beverages available for all tastes. Mid-afternoon snacks, who can resist? Hors d’ oeuvres to savor with a glass of …" in 1 reviews more
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"European dental services consumer rights are not yet protected. I have just had a painful experience from a Hungarian company ART MEDIC Dental Care (dr. Petra Felszeghy, dr.Bernath Marta) and Centrocc Dental (Dr. Feher Tibor) who placed 4 dental bridges and 6 dental crowns, which, however, did not encase the …" in 1 reviews more
Abisko Guest House is ideally located for stunning views of the Northern Lights, snowmobile skiing, hunting, fishing and excursions and activities in Swedish Lapland. We offer excellent serviceand unique activity packages to ensure that you have an unforgettable adventure.Located near E10 the Guest House is ideal both for long-distance tourists and passersby.
Hotel, restaurant& bar, self-catering, half or full board, excursions, Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), camping, snowmobile skiing, hunting and fishing.


Kallejonsv. 5, 981 07
Abisko 981 07


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