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Derbysoft is a Shanghai-headquartered technology company serving hotels and the hospitality distribution industry since 2002. The company is creating the next generation of online hotel distribution infrastructure: a fair, effective, and enterprise-independent global distribution network (GDN) that connects travel products providers and distributors while providing powerful management functions and other value-added services. In addition to its core technology, DSwitch, DerbySoft has developed various XML-based supplemental modules including, DHotelier, DAgency, DCorp, DMS, and DCRS. The company has a growing team of 250 people in offices located in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and the U.S., and remains the only China-based member of the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) since joining in 2002.


We believe that all travel-related companies should have their own systems, and that all those systems can be connected to each other via Derbysoft to become a Global Distribution Network (GDN). Derbysoft’s people reflect our cultivation of a company culture that encourages creativity and embraces the notion that innovation drives growth for everyone. For our team, integrity comes above all else. Beyond that, we believe in the power of intellect and the collective approach to problem-solving. Derbysoft’s knowledge base is particularly strong in two core areas, technology development and travel distribution infrastructure.


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