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The company combines traditional values with innovative ideas and presents itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner of the specialized trade. The soul of this company-owned business are - responsible for Design - two strong women: Maryan Mehlhorn and daughter Maya Mehlhorn. Thomas Mehlhorn is responsible for Marketing, Sales and Finance. The Maryan Beachwear Group is considered one of the biggest swimwear suppliers in the upscale market segment. Export to 56 countries makes up for about three quarters of its turnover. The company proves its national and international presence by participating in all important shows, both domestic and international, as well as through the representatives of the different collections. The four collection groups are produced with up to 1,000 different styles per year, using the company’s own production facilities and certified production partners in Europe and Asia, with constant technical quality control by the Maryan Beachwear Group. Today, the company employs about 375 people, 135 of them domestically. In addition to that, about 500 temporary employees working in the partner production facilities.


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