"I would like to thank you for a superbly organized tour, we were taken care of in every way possible and had a wonderful tour. I congratulate you on having done a super job! THANKS!" in 1 reviews more
"I booked the car online for 4 days and paid £25.66.The total price was £174.01 which means £148.35 left to pay on arrival. Then when I was there, I asked for a change to the smaller car. The total price was reduced to £142. I forgot to mention that I’ve …" in 1 reviews more
"When I land usually I have to wait more than one hour for a wheelchair and someone to push it." in 1 reviews more
The Beige is a luxury tent resort located in the lush environs of Angkor. Ensconced in a region replete with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Angkor Wat, this resort evokes a feel for the finest of Khmer history. Our tent fabric resembles the sailcloth of a yacht – unyielding in wind, though lightweight and durable. Breezes pass softly through the open interior, as relaxing reminders of nature all around. Each room is equipped with air conditioning. Control the space for your comfort and convenience. Strong Wi-Fi is at your disposal. Guest furnishings are antique, providing a textured experience of the French cultural influence throughout Cambodia’s history.


Svay Chek Road, Svay Chek Commune
Angkor Thom
Siem Reap


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