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Lusaka, 30 May 2011 - Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence&Business Management (LIUTEBM) is the first university in Zambia to provide undergraduate and post-graduate studies in tourism education. The university will be domiciled and headquartered in Zambia, as it views the African region as its marketplace. The university's core business is the provision of high-quality education, training, consultancy, research, and activities that are relevant to, and best serve the needs of, individuals and organizations operating in the tourism industry and allied services in the quest for continuous performance, as well as improved and sustainable growth and development.

LIUTEBM seeks to foster mutually-reinforcing operational synergies between the aforementioned activities in an integrated and frontal approach to individual and organizational performance improvement, growth, and development. Thus, the educational and training functions will seek to contribute their knowledge and skills towards the undertaking of consultancy and research activities and the latter will, in turn, seek to feed their results into, and encourage synergy with, the educational and training functions.

The university strives to offer cost-effective, innovative, relevant programs, and practical solutions to organizational problems in order to maximize client organizations' and individuals' performance and development goals and objectives. It will endeavor to promote and inculcate a culture of business and service excellence in the tourism and allied industries throughout its service area.

The tourism and allied industries sector is well-positioned to contribute to the implementation of the international development agenda of multilateral and bilateral donors and their agencies, especially their development assistance priorities and programs towards the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The university will seek to tap into their resources in making its contribution to the eradication of poverty, promotion of gender equality, youth empowerment, promotion of environmental sustainability, and promotion of the global partnership for development through its educational, training, consultancy, and research programs. It will work to harness the resources of those agencies in the development of its infrastructure and facilities, work on the development of its curricula and course programs, and provide for the development of its staff.

LIUTEBM is currently working on collaborative efforts with universities in other countries in the areas of curriculum development; the exchange of programs, scholars, and students; examination moderation; joint degree award programs; and research activities that caters to the areas of competence of the various universities. We will appreciate to receive any form of assistance including tourism books and other teaching Aids.

In its efforts to support tourism in general, LIUTEBM recently partnered with the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) to host the conference in Lusaka, Zambia, on climate change challenges to tourism.


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