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Postcard Name:Fleur d'Heritage
Location:[CLICK HERE]
Description:Our mission is to preserve the diverse and rich Indian crafts that date back 5000 years. The rich heritage of India has withstood invasions, destruction and time. Our mission is to help Indian artisans to maintain their high level of technical excellence in pottery, metal and stone sculptures, wood carving and terracotta, as well as Jewelry and their highly developed weaving and textile skills. At our Swiss company, we are working on a dream that will one day be ours because we are there with heart and soul. We really believe in what we do and in the great things we do for our customers and the environment. We love what we do! "Handmade is beautiful, naturally, is healthier", that's our motto. Our goal is to build a satisfied and returning clientele. Our articles are produced under fair conditions, without child labor, and are environmental friendly. We strive to keep the tradition of these unique and beautiful hand crafts and centuries old techniques alive at a time when mass production and lack of originality has become the norm. We achieve this by focusing our efforts on rural communities in India and encouraging local artisans to develop and merge new ideas, this in turn allows them to support their families while continuing the tradition of their craft. We encourage fair trade and good health conditions for the artisans. We invest our energy so our customers can acquire beautiful, safe, and comfortable products that are original in design and of the highest quality. At the same time we want to inspire you to lead a more mindful and happier life through choosing to purchase natural products that do not further pollute our planet.
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