Lederle Safaris
PO Box 6685, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Recent reviews of Lederle Safaris
Bryan Mulligan
"Spectacular Safari by Lederle Safaris"
This is was our 13th safari, so we have a wide range of experience in the highs and lows of safaris. Greg and Riana are simply the best! Here's why: 1) Greg is the most knowledgeable guide out there. When you have been on as many game drives as us, you have already seen and heard many of the interesting facts about the bush. Greg proved that wrong with a stream of informative, interesting and downright funny facts, anecdotes and stories to perfectly complement the sights and sounds of the bush. 2) With Greg's tracking skills we found more animals than others. Greg put us in the right place at the right time to have a better safari. 3) You feel safer with Greg. In the vehicle, and on the walks, Greg, his skill (and his rifle) meant that you always felt safe. Even my slightly nervous wife felt completely safe on the bush walks. 4) riana's charm and organizational skills complemented Greg perfectly, and between the two made for the most fantastic host you could imagine. In summary, Lederle Safaris are the best way to enjoy Africa, and we have already booked for next year! ...