Gold Carpet Touring
3 Brosh sq., Petach Tikva, Israel
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Recent reviews of Gold Carpet Touring
Jennifer Cole
"My experience in Israel"
The beauty of any tour is to get the best guide to take you around. This is one aspect I enjoyed so much on my visit to Israel, employing the services of Gold Carpet Touring was worth every penny. Upon arrival in Jerusalem I anticipated it was going to be an exciting moment and really it was. I was handed over the itinerary for the tour and was excited about the numerous places to be visited - let me give you some excerpts of the tour. We headed for a panoramic view of Jerusalem via the promenade. Then we took a quick ride through the Jaffa gate, passing the old city wall. This is a magnificent piece of construction to behold. Excitingly was the uphill ride to Mt Scopus, overlooking the city from the North, as was the beauty of the wilderness of Judea. Now at this point I felt I had just had enough for a few minutes, but then my desire for more couldn’t be contained as I kept looking front, left and right to behold the Mount of Olives that surrounds the old city. I must say that the tour operator just had everything well laid out upon arrival. The organization of the tour made it an unforgettable experience. All I had in mind like any other first time tourist was just the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and probably some museum. But the well articulated and planned itinerary by the tour operator was just the right icing needed on the cake. Having enjoyed every bit of the expedition so much, I must commend using the services of a tour operator, as they know there is more to Israel than just what you hear of. Of course it was exciting to see the archives of artifacts, but not as interesting as the life experienced in the city. The bustling Arab market was another jaw dropping experience; so much so that you need to remind yourself to keep your mouth shut else you could just forget it is open. The bustle of busy beehive of humanity is fun and intriguing. At this point I needed to ensure I had enough space on my digital camera and was ready to upload, having already downloaded 98 pictures onto my Ipad. And this was just few hours into the journey! Now when the operator, Gold Carpet Touring, told us we would head for the city centre, the excitement of the tour having begun was overwhelming. If you ever find yourself in Israel hook up with Gold Carpet Touring for a rewarding experience....