BME Advertising
Warehouse No. 14 - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Recent reviews of BME Advertising
nishad bukhari
"nice exhibition stands"
Our company tried their exhibition stand service and we are quite pleased by their service....
jamil hussein
"good exhibition stand company"
I am an exhibitor in Dubai and I conduct exhibitions throughout the year and use BME Event exhibition stand services. I am pleased to say that their services are extremely good and they deliver on time. ...
toufiq ibrahim
"Best exhibition stand services"
Bme Event is an exhibition stand company and we are a jewellery outlet that conducts exhibition across UAE. we have been using their services for past 6 months and are extremely happy by their customer services and on time delivery. ...
khalid nassar
"good exhibition stands"
We wanted to take part in a recent exhibition in Dubai and consulted BME Event for exhibition stands in Dubai. We are pleased by their on time delivery and creativity. We would definitely recommend them for exhibition stand builders in Dubai....
nasreen shaikh
"best services"
BME Event has given me an opportunity to promote my brand in outdoor market. This has given my company a lot of exposure. Their display stands and vehicle graphic designs are the best among all other in UAE....