Gesundheitszentrum Thailand Co Ltd
5/6 M.I., Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
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Recent reviews of Gesundheitszentrum Thailand Co Ltd
Ernst Meier
"Holidays in the countryside of Southern Thailand"
I had stayed at this place in February 2016 - and enjoyed the green area with many rice fields, gardens and rubber plantations as well as the friendly host family and neighbors. Regular flights from Bangkok - a bit more than an hour - and a good pickup service from the airport Nakhon Si Thammarat make this location attractive to visitors who like to enjoy quiet Thay countryside. The destination is quite rural, but in the nearby town there are various shopping possibilities. The location can easily be discovered by car or bike. The ocean ist near and there are several attractive seafood restaurants not far from the site. For wellness, laser acupuncture, massage and vitamin cures are available by a Swiss doctor....