Western Holiday Lodge Sequoia National Park
40105 Sierra Drive, Hwy 198, Three Rivers, CA, United States
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Recent reviews of Western Holiday Lodge Sequoia National Park
Anneve Strong
"Cold to scalding shower"
For the price I was not expecting a castle. The location was very convenient to the park. When we walked in they had an air freshener blowing out of the AC so strong that it made my nose burn. The shower head sits at 5 feet tall ... Miserable for me let alone my husband ( who stands 6'2). The shower looses all power and turns ice cold whenever anyone else in the hotel flushes the toilet.. And then returns all the heat it withheld all at once burning your skin. They came to provide maid service and took all our towels but not the trash and did not leave any new towels. Went to the front desk to ask for new towels and they did not arrive until after 5pm. The beds are extremely firm and there are only 3 small pillows per bed. The front desk was friendly and sympathetic when I told them about the shower. But said that there was nothing that they could do and they would let maintenance know. ...