Sandals Grande Antigua
Dickenson Bay, St. John's, Antigua & Barbuda
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Recent reviews of Sandals Grande Antigua
kyle schechner
"Horrible Experience"
Hello, I had been planning this trip to Sandals in Antigua with my wife for over a year and it was for our 10 year anniversary. We were there from August 8th to the 15th and were very very disappointed. After seeing the commercials and reading all the testimonies and seeing all the awards for service and excellence, my wife and I agree that it was all LIES and we felt like we were robbed of our money spent. A list of complaints we had were that we could NEVER get a "wake-up" call, we tried 5 times and always got told stories from the conceierge to management that the system was broken. The manager actually told me "that is why we give you an alarm clock". I paid thousands and thousands of dollars to be woken up by a buzzer because the radio was not able to get 1 single radio station. The bar in the room was never stocked each day as promised. There was trash every night 2 doors down from our room 7201 and the night manager, Shawn told me I was a LIAR, I have pictures of it. We never got any letters stating the events of the day. On one particular day, every other lounge chair and all the floats from the main pool were removed for pictures of the resort, therefore there was no where to sit in the pool area, why should we as guests be inconvenienced for the entire day because of corporate people needing to take photos. The main bar on 1 day was out of various types of alcohol and BANANAS, When we inquire to the bartender about going to the restaurant to get some for our drinks, he said you can go yourself. Our bed was never "turned down" and tucked in. When eating dinner, there was never anyone working to come by and check on our meal to see if it was okay. The wait for a small pizza at Marios at anytime during the day was 30 minutes, which is crazy since they are always busy and the pizza should be ready to go in the oven at anytime, there are only 4 choices. There were always dirty half filled glasses lying all around the pool areas and on the grounds at almost every turn. So, as you can see we were very upset with the lack of service and whenever we talked to anyone, NOBODY showed any initiative to do something. No one really cared and like I said, the night manager started to smile at me as I was telling him my problems as if he thought my complaints were funny. That really pissed me off and like I also said, for all the money we spent for a relaxing worry free time of your life vacation as promised by the commercials and website, I feel that I got ripped off and I will not recommend this resort to anyone I know and my complaints will even go to the local travel agencies so no one else ever has to be tricked by what is promised by Sandals. The only manager who actually did something was a Mr. Donovan Dobson who had sent me a voucher for my problems, but that means that I would actually have to still spend a lot more money again to use it and it EXPIRES within a year. It will take a lot more then 1 year to raise the cash for your resort again so therefore this voucher is a WASTE for me and that makes my entire experience with SANDALS a DISASTER. Sincerely Kyle ...