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Orlando, FL (USA) - May 28, 2013 - The Association of Timeshare Recyclers (ATR), a non-profit timeshare solutions association, has engaged Perspective Group, a global PR and Multimedia company for the vacation ownership industry, to utilize its INTUITION brand marketing service, to assist in creating awareness for the association as well as explain its core membership benefits.

Since the global economic downturn in 2008, delinquent accounts at timeshare resorts worldwide have been on the rise. Additionally, there is a large percentage of timeshare owners handing their timeshare memberships over to timeshare relief companies. Today’s consumers view timeshare as a luxury item and a risky investment, which is increasingly more difficult to exit from. The Association’s goal is to be influential in solving this industry defining issue, focusing on how to balance the needs of timeshare consumers who do not want to continue to pay maintenance fees for programs they are not using, with the timeshare resorts who rely on fee collection to run effectively.

"The Legacy Resorts versus Legacy Owners issue will ultimately redefine our industry. The ‘Legacy’ challenge is forcing our industry to face some fundamental issues concerning the basic timeshare business model and its viability over the long term. The ATR will challenge both the primary and secondary markets to collaborate for solutions that increase both the liquidity and flexibility of the timeshare ownership experience, and balance the sustainability of HOA’s and Resort Operators over the long term," said Heather Guffin, Founder of Timeshare Recyclers.

ATR’s mission is to work with like-minded companies to find, create and promote timeshare exit strategies that work for the consumer, timeshare resorts, and the primary market companies, creating a win, win, win scenario and thus recycling industry inventory effectively rather than just disposing of it.

The Association of Timeshare Recyclers member base is comprised of timeshare resellers, renters, and trade-in companies who work hard every day to sell, rent, or trade timeshares on the secondary market. Many of the members are also representatives of HOA´s, resort management companies, travel clubs, and active primary sales rooms who believe in the importance of supporting the timeshare secondary market.

The INTUITION brand marketing service will use a combination of PR, editorial and social media marketing to educate timeshare companies on the benefits of the non-profit organization to help generate interest for the cause and new members.

"Timeshare is a wonderful product, and an association that helps to ease the inevitable cycle of aging members, aging resorts and economic changes through fostering cooperation between primary and secondary markets will prove to be of great value to the industry as a whole," says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.

INTUITION is the latest product offered by Perspective Group, the largest timeshare news provider globally. INTUITION uniquely combines press release writing and distribution with print and online editorials, extended social media marketing, print advertising, social media monitoring and brand reputation management.

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